Like No Other

by Matthew Stollak on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I just returned from Las Vegas where I spent 4 days watching the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at one of their fine sports books.  Its always fun to join together with others and hear people go crazy when the outcome of the game is certain but whether North Carolina and Creighton will scored over or under 160.5 points is not (the final total was 160.0).

Similarly, its fun to hear and complain about the performance of the 3 referees assigned to each tournament game. Its a thankless job.   Many make the refs the scapegoat when the outcome of the game does not turn out in their favor.  Ask many Alabama Crimson Tide fans about the end of their tournament game when Trevor Releford's last second shot clearly showed he was fouled, and no call was made.

At the same time, put yourselves in the shoes of the ref for a moment.  How many of you:
  • walk into your workplace already knowing many people are against you before a second of actual job performance has occurred?
  • could perform your job in front of tens of thousands of people at relatively meager pay?
  • could stand up to having made a decision and have it suddenly reviewed with instant replay, knowing that decision could possibly be overturned?
It brings to mind the classic Seinfeld episode where he gets heckled at the job:

His revenge?  Going to her job and heckling her.

Could you handle the refs coming to your place and watch you perform for eight hours a day?

Meanwhile, I'll try to remain calm when the refs do their job, even when they call 3 quick fouls on Michigan State in a span of 12 seconds in the 2nd half of a close game (really?  really?!?!?)

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