It's My Birthday Next Week and Here's My Wish

by Matthew Stollak on Friday, August 17, 2012

It's my birthday next Tuesday, and I'll be celebrating with a good burger and watching the Cubs and Brewers battle for 4th place at Miller Park.  Given I am in my forties, I pretty much have most of my material wishes satisfied.  So, here's what I wish for:

1.  If you are a SHRM member, please vote in the 2013 Elections.  Whether it is for the SHRM approved slate, the SHRM Members for Transparency slate, or the 8 Man Rotation slate, let your wishes be known!

2.  Make a contribution to the SHRM Foundation.  I haven't been shy about my support for the SHRM Foundation -  they advance the HR profession, and they may very well be the best part of SHRM.  Plus your donations are tax deductible.  Learn how you can donate here.

If all else fails, I have an Amazon wish list here.  Ha.

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