What Do Professors Do All Day?

by Matthew Stollak on Friday, January 4, 2013

So, I was a bit snarky in yesterday's post about the Careercast.com study that found being a university professor the least stressful job in 2012.

Why snarky?  If you ask many of my fellow academicians, particularly those untenured assistant professors at Division I Research Universities, they'd scoff at the results.

Think I'm kidding?

Susan Adams highlighted the results of the study in Forbes.  While the article is a pretty basic summary, the real reason to check it out is the outrage in the comments section from those very individuals.

Philip Nel, a Professor of English at Kansas State University, attempted to break down how much work he does in a typical week during the school year, as well as what a professor does during the summer (when he or she is unpaid). 

It's enlightening and (anecdotally) accurate.

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