On Seasonal Employment and PAAS Easter Dye Kits

by Matthew Stollak on Sunday, March 31, 2013

It is Easter Sunday, which means that many of you spent the past couple of weeks dyeing Easter Eggs.

Most likely, you used the PAAS Easter Egg Color Kit.  

Is there a company more synonymous with a holiday than PAAS?  No big brand name for fireworks for the 4th of July.  Lots of competition for your Halloween and Christmas dollar. 

If you dyed eggs, it was with PAAS:

PAAS, an Ocala-based egg-coloring company owned by Signature Brands, accounts for 80 percent of the egg-decorating market, said Brittany Lacey, PAAS brand manager.

The company, which has made egg-dying kits for more than 130 years, sells about 10 million kits every Easter season, according to its website.

I wonder, however, does being so tied to a single day impact employment.  What do the workers at PAAS do for the other 10-11 months of the year?  Build 10 million kits of inventory?  Look for other jobs?  At least for one, it is a full-time job:

Lacey has been researching the latest trends and creating new egg-dying ideas for this Easter since August, she said.
“I’m obsessed with Pinterest,” she said, “so I’ll go on there and see how people are decorating eggs.”
This year, PAAS released new kits ranging from bedazzled, velvet and marble themes, and the “Eggsplosion” volcano, among others.
Lacey has already begun preparing for next year’s Easter, she said.

Happy Easter everyone!

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