On Hugh Howey's "Wool"

by Matthew Stollak on Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Based on sterling recommendations from Laurie Ruettimann and Neil Morrison, I picked up the Omnibus edition of "Wool," a series of science fiction novellas from author Hugh Howey.

The basic premise is that the outside world has become toxic forcing humanity to live in 144-story silos, where the bottom third is dedicated to farming and mechanical upkeep, the middle third to IT, and the top third to the professional class and living quarters.

In the first novella, Wool, Holston, the sheriff, is investigating the death of his wife, and decides to resign; this means exile to the outside where he is expected to clean the sensors and windows and die.

In the second novella, Proper Gauge, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes, look to find a replacement for Holston.  They engage in succession planning, a series of reference/background checks, and interviewing to make a selection among three candidates.


No wonder Laurie and Neil liked it.

I'm continuing on with the 3rd novella, Casting Off, but I swear if I read about the talent communities at the hydroponic farm...I'm done!!!


Hi Matt, Just finished this book series over the weekend. I love it! And no you will not see talent communities in book three!

by Melissa on April 16, 2013 at 8:34 AM. #

Thanks Melissa. Glad to hear it!

by Matthew Stollak on April 16, 2013 at 8:40 AM. #

It's a fantastic book, though it does start off feeling more like lit fic than sci-fi. Not a bad thing at all, and I hope that your book club enjoys.

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This novel was truly inspiring and I cannot wait to gobble up the next books that follow in this series. This cult classic turned best-seller will not disappoint, is an easy read, and I would recommend it to anyone with a passion for a good tale about human perseverance and sheer will to live.

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