The 2013 Season of the #8ManRotation is here...FINALLY!

by Matthew Stollak on Friday, May 30, 2014

Better late than never, it is the 2013 Season of the 8 Man Rotation - your compendium of all things sports and human resources.  The team of Steve Boese, Kris Dunn, Lance Haun, Tim Sackett and yours truly have once again assembled to bring you all the highlights from 2013 in the sports world that impacted or is related to human resources.

What is the 8 Man Rotation?  From the 2010 season, "In basketball parlance, it refers to the five starters and three players off the bench who play the primary amount of minutes during a game.  Given that most basketball rosters contain 12 or more players, the coach has decided that the combination of these 8 players provides the team with the best opportunity to win.  Team chemistry and production are at its maximum."

This edition highlights such chemistry and production with 60+ posts covering Manti Te'o, Earl Monroe, Triple H, and LeBron James.  Find out what is meant by the phrase, "Ball Don't Lie."  Get a detailed look at the NBA Summer League.  In addition, you get a foreword from Saints superfan, Robin Schooling.

So, download it now, and read it in parts, or in one piece all weekend. Bring it on the plane for some light reading on your trip to Utah for Hirevue's Digital Disruption or Orlando for SHRM Annual.  It also makes a great Father's Day gift!

As always, you can get the 2013 Season, as well as the 3 previous seasons at


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