The 2014 Season of the #8ManRotation is Here!

by Matthew Stollak on Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Like the Replacements 2015 tour, the latest edition of the 8 Man Rotation is back by unpopular demand.  Hot takes from Steve Boese, Kris Dunn, Lance Haun, Tim Sackett and myself on all that happened in the world of sports in 2014 and how HR can learn from our favorite athletes.

What is the 8 Man Rotation?  From the 1st edition:

"The 8 Man Rotation. In basketball parlance, it refers to the five starters and three players off the bench who play the primary amount of minutes during a game. Given that most basketball rosters contain 12 or more players, the coach has decided that the combination of these 8 players provides the team with the best opportunity to win. Team chemistry and production are at its maximum. 

The keys to success with an 8 man rotation and sports is not much different than the keys to success in human resource management. As co-contributor SteveBoese writes, “Where else but in big-time sports can you see the effects of talent assessment, recruiting, leadership, and employee engagement played out, in public, under the spotlight, every day of the year? What players to draft, which ones to develop, which ones to cut loose, and how to build the right mix of personalities and talent to achieve team goals are the primary concern of all sports franchises.”

The 2014 edition brings 64 all new posts comprising 161 pages, with a special foreword from proud Ohio State alum Paul Hebert, and, as always, the great 8 Man Rotation logo from Lizzie and Isaiah Maldonado

Over the five seasons, we have now totaled 278 posts and 688 pages of sports and HR goodness.  Luckily, sports continue to entertain and amaze each year providing new fodder to contemplate. 

Check out the latest edition below or at our dedicated site,


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