#SHRM11 - Day 4 impressions

by Matthew Stollak on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So, I would have loved to have posted this yesterday, but, in a SHRM world where conference days are measured in dog time, and one day is so jam packed it feels like a week, I simply didn't get to it until this morning.  So, here are the highlights, lowlights, and other trivia from Day 4:

Keynotes kept getting better and better.  From the Q&A with Richard Branson, and the sterling performance from Arianna Huffington, it was turned up to 11 with Tony Hsieh from Zappos.  His talk on happy employees and customers was so good, John Hollon of TLNT.com described him "as the SHRM speaker that all others are compared to for a long time to come."

Great session speakersLaurie Ruettimann spoke on "The Future Of HR is Social" and Joe Gerstandt spoke on "No. Great Minds Do Not Think Alike." Both were compelling speakers, with a good message.  Blog posts on both to come.

SHRM Academic Initiatives continues to grow.    At a luncheon, SHRM Academic Initiatives talked about the continued efforts to improve the guidelines for students pursuing a major in human resources.  The number of schools aligning with these standards increases steadily, with the hopes that every student gains the appropriate knowledge that the future working world requires.

My dogs are barking.  A little less walking today.  "Only" 14,022 steps and 7.89 miles. That brings a three day total of 64, 868 steps and 35.55 miles.  This blog should be sponsored by New Balance.

More money, more problems.  While the SHRM conference kept me constantly busy, I really haven't had time to gamble (other than a small $15 win betting on the Brewers over the Twins) until yesterday.  But, despite my best efforts to give my money to the dealer and the MGM Grand, I ended up winning $425 playing blackjack.  So, I am well on my way to getting the iPad2 that was denied me in the Exhibit Hall.  Suck it, vendors!

Now, on to the final day of the SHRM Conference and Michael J. Fox

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