#SHRM11 - The One Thing You Must Do - Visit the SHRM Foundation

by Matthew Stollak on Monday, June 27, 2011

I know there are a lot of temptations here in the sin city of Las Vegas...the slot machines, a Cirque du Soleil show, the $4.99 steak and seafood special.

However, there is one thing you truly must visit before Leaving Las Vegas...the SHRM Foundation booth at the center of the Expo Hall.   Why?

  1. The SHRM Foundation provides $100,000 in scholarships to HR professionals, $50,000 in student membership scholarships, and $20,000 in Doctoral Dissertation Awards.
  2. The SHRM Foundation is a leading funder of rigorous, evidence-based research, with more than $1.3 million in ongoing research projects.
  3. The SHRM Foundation continually gives many of the products that are the results of their efforts away for free to the greater HR community, such as the Effective Practice Guidelines, and DVDs, such as their most recent endeavor, "Making Mergers Work."
  4. The SHRM Foundations created the annual Thought Leaders Retreat, which "brings together a select group of leading-edge thinkers and executives in the HR field. Participants explore issues shaping the future of the profession and their implications for research and practice"

So, please stop by the SHRM Foundation booth and make the Foundation even stronger.  If you are reading this at home, go visit the SHRM Foundation website and read more about the great things the SHRM Foundation does

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