Some Distant Memory

by Matthew Stollak on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working at a liberal arts college, it is hard not to escape discussion of the liberal arts or Western canon.  Also sometimes described as Great Books, Mortimer Adler put together three criteria for a tome to be part of the group:

1.  The book must have contemporary significance - is it relevant to today's times
2.  The book is inexhaustible - one could always pick it up and derive new meaning and benefits from it
3.  The book is relevant is to a large number of the great ideas and great issues that have occupied the minds of thinking individuals for a significant period of time.

With that in mind, is there a "Human Resource Canon"comprised of great writings that all HR professionals should read or have read.  What HR book is significant, inexhaustible, and relevant to a large number of the great HR issues that PHRs grapple with on a daily basis?  Or, is the HR field simply too young or too ephemeral to contain such a library?

Is the HR Capitalist, the HRRingleader, or The Cynical Girl the best we have?

#HREvolution - Its about the People

by Matthew Stollak on Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In the Fall of 2009, I went to the first HREvolution in Louisville, KY not sure of what to expect.  I had met only one attendee in person prior to the event.   I had read many of the attendees blogs or seen them on Twitter, but my interaction was minimal.   However, as an educator, I wanted to be sure that the information my students were receiving was as current and cutting edge as possible before they entered the workplace.

In the months and years since the 1st HREvolution, the dividends I've earned from attending would make an Apple investor green with envy.  I could wax poetic about the content that has been provided year in and year out.   But, its the people and the connections made that have been the real payoff, both professionally and personally.  Since attending the 1st HREvolution:

  • I've been asked to contribute to an e-book on training
  • I've collaborated on the first of a hoped-to-be annual volume on the intersection of sports and HR called "The 8 Man Rotation"
  • I've appeared on both the HR Happy Hour and Drive Thru HR several times
  • I've collaborated with an attendee on an incentive compensation research project
  • I've been invited to attend the NBA Summer League (which both family considerations, and the NBA lockout have prevented me from going)
  • I've been asked to help organize HREvolution - Las Vegas
In addition, I have shared many meals, laughs, and conversation both on and offline with many of the attendees.  I know that if I had a HR question, I could pick up the phone and any number of the people I have met would be more than willing to provide the advice and guidance  I needed.

The cost of registration was (and is) small and I would gladly pay three times its listed cost as the results have been priceless.

If the above hasn't convinced you to attend, please note the special deal that is being offered in conjunction with the HR Technology Conference.  While there are a lot of $500 discounts being floated out in the Twitterverse, by registering for BOTH  HR Tech AND HREvolution, you get the biggest discount available...$600 off the registration for HR Tech.   That means attending HREvolution will only cost you an additional $50.  I am so confident that you will find HREvolution worthwhile, that if you register for both events and find yourself dissatisfied with HREvolution, I will personally refund you that extra $50.  So, register for HREvolution here and I hope to see you in Las Vegas