Shame of the Nation

by Matthew Stollak on Friday, April 1, 2011

Today, I turn over the blog to my friend Jessica Miller-Merrill to talk about efforts to reduce unemployment

No Kidding -- April 1st Proclaimed Zero Unemployment Day

Social media movement launches to change the face of recruitment

04/01/2011 – Why does unemployment stand at 8.9% in the United States when there are more than 3 million jobs currently available?  What part of the recruiting process is keeping positions from being filled?  And how can we fix it?

It is questions like these that will be discussed today as part of the unofficial “Zero Unemployment Day.”  Thoughts leaders across recruiting and human resources industries will pose questions and conversation with their audiences using social media as part of the newly announced Zero Unemployment Movement.

Jerome Ternynck, the Founder and CEO of Smartrecruiters (, a free recruiting software, has partnered with Human Resources and Recruiting Expert, Jessica Miller-Merrell of www.blogging4jobs.comto launch the Zero Unemployment Movement.

“Using a social media grassroots effort, we hope to draw attention to the current state of employment,” says Ternynck.  “Unemployment is the consequence of an inefficient labor market.   We live in a connected world in which should be fast, it should be social, it should be fair... mostly it should be easy".

Conversations today on social media will surround the questions posed in many of the movement’s YouTube videos from industry experts including: Why does recruiting suck, What’s your recruiting pain point, and How do we fix it?

Recruiters and those involved in the company hiring process are encouraged to participate in Zero Unemployment Day by posting comments on Twitter using the #ZeroUE hash tag, visiting the movement’s Facebook Fan Page (, or by recording a video.

“Let’s get the conversation started about how to fix the recruiting process where it’s a win/win situation for both the company and candidate,” says Miller-Merrell.  “The economy is improving and more than 130,000 job are being added monthly, and yet open positions are taking upwards of 4-6 months to fill.”

To learn more about the Zero Unemployment movement, please contact Jessica Miller-Merrell at 405-343-5751 and by visiting or view the release live at

Contact: Jessica Miller-Merrell


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I'd like to see Venn diagrams showing the skill sets held by the unemployed and the skill sets required by the empolyers. I think we must also consider where the unemployed live and where the jobs are. My guess is the people who reside at Woodward and 6 Mile will have a hard time with either condition.

by David on April 1, 2011 at 11:02 AM. #

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