What Should Be In A Book About #HR Technology?

by Matthew Stollak on Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yesterday, my good friend Trish McFarlane was lamenting the poor state of HR Technology understanding amongst practitioners

I noted a few reasons:

Trish concurred and made a compelling point:

A 2013 SHRM Survey of 372 HR faculty (out of 1,723 invited to participate) backed this up, with 61% of faculty citing Human Resource Information Systems was a perceived deficiency in HR training offered to undergraduate HR students (Risk Management, and Mergers and Acquisitions were the 2nd and 3rd cited deficiencies).

However, a quick search of "HR Technology" on Amazon or the SHRM Bookstore provides, at best, a cursory or superficial look at the subject.

Given this background, what, ideally, would you see as a critical item or subject in a book on HR Technology?  Do you feel there is a quality book out there that I am missing?  Chime in.


I'd like to see conceptual overviews of: iPaaS, SSO, APIs, browser protocols, web traffic analytics (such as Google Analytics), video and digital media apps and performance optimization, graphics delivery, data storage providers, DBMSs, in-memory computing, data encryption at rest, JSON/jQuery, Ajax, XML/XSDs, test automation, software release planning (Rally), software development quality, staffing levels, cost-benefit metrics.

by Sue Wood on February 15, 2014 at 3:13 PM. #

Bruno -

If it's for an HR audience - you have to keep it simple. I always tell HR pros that you don't need to know how the HR Tech does what it does, but you have to know what it's capable of. For me, if I was going through my HR program again, I would definitely want a class on HR Tech. The stuff I would want to know is how do you take a non-tech HR system and processes, and go down a tech path. That's all 90% of HR Pros will really need to know anyway. Big HR shops use the most HR tech, but need to know the least, because they'll have full teams of HRIS pros working with IT to do the heavy lifting. Most small and medium HR shops need to have much broader understanding of HR tech - they are the ones who usually are much more involved in Tech selection, implementation and upkeep.

by Tim Sackett on February 17, 2014 at 2:09 PM. #

All You need to know is : What are the Deliverables ?

If the Deliverables from a HR System fulfill your needs and fits your Budget, that is the HR System for You

Service Quality and Dependability are something you can inquire from the current Client List of that Product

by Red Vantage Services on March 18, 2014 at 9:21 PM. #

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